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One of the common complaints related to toilet functionality is a toilet not flushing. A good number of people seeking a plumber in Randburg will mention a toilet not flushing or leaking toilet problems. Another common problem of toilets is a toilet that continuously drip water after flushing. Let us examine these issues affecting toilets one by one.

Leaking Toilet | Plumber 0810432004

A toilet normally leaks on two main areas. The first one is a leak at the base of the toilet seat itself, the area in contact with the floor. You might have noticed water forming around the foot of the toilet after flushing, making a pool. This problem is due to a weak link between the floor and toilet, a cause that is obvious and easily identifiable. Such a problem will require a plumber to remove the whole toilet unit in order to address the issue. Various methods can be used to fasten a toilet to the floor. Previously, most plumbers used to drill a hole onto the floor, and drill down screws through the two side openings at the foot of the toilet. This gives a firm grip and connection of toilet and floor. The method is still in use, although not as common. Another way of solving the problem of leaking toilet is to use an adhesive to glue the floor and toilet together. Silicon is widely in use these days for this purpose. Clear or white silicon can be used to glue together the porcelain and floor tiles, giving a very strong bond. The advantage of silicon is that apart from its huge strength characteristics, it also gives a good, clean finish. There are no visible signs of any work or repair, if a plumber takes proper care in application and wiping out the product. Needless to say, a plumber may also use both these methods at once, drilling holes and applying silicon, for a strong and appealing finish. Another method that is also not as common as it used to be is the use of cement. Cement may not give an appealing finish at the end, and is not as common these days.

Toilet not flushing | Plumber 0810432004

For a toilet that is not flushing, the issue can be diagnosed by examining the cistern. The cistern is the tank that collects water from the supply, and inside the cistern is a flushing mechanism. The toilet flushing mechanism consists of a ball valve, responsible for stopping water inflow once the tank is full. This valve is also referred to as the ballcock or ball tap. Float valve is a term also used for a toilet flushing ball valve unit. The other component of a toilet flushing system is the flush valve, or dual flush valve. The dual flush valve is responsible for letting in water during flushing, once the flush button or flush lever is pushed.

Causes of a toilet not flushing are therefore usually related to the flush mechanism. If one of these components breaks, this can result in a toilet not flushing well. You can call a plumber to install a new mechanism for you | 0810432004 

A continuous dripping of the toilet indicates a problem with the dual flushing system. If it is not properly oriented or a portion has broken, it will result in a continuous flow of water after flushing.

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