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Valves – valves are essential in controlling the flow of water into homes and offices, industrial areas and other commercial water projects.

If a valve is not working properly, unwanted water will be flowing where or when it is not required.

Let us look at the common pipe material used for plumbing

Fixing Valves : Emergency Plumbing Randburg

Gate Valve – as the name suggests, they are a gateway to open or shut off water supply. They are not good as means of reducing water flow, but rather an off or on valve only. Either you allow water or you shut it off – simple as that. Using the gate valve to partially shut off supply will result in wear and tear of the unit and eventually breaking the valve.

Globe Valve – unlike the gate valves, these valves do allow for control of water flow. A knob works in conjunction with a stopper to allow for regular adjustment of the flow of water. Therefore globe valves are water regulation valves.

Ball Valve -common in toilet cisterns, they typically work hand in hand with a lever attachment. You can not miss this type of valve if you open your toilet cistern. Similar to gate valves, they are strictly an open or shut valve. They are set to shut off water, for instance in a cistern, once the water has filled the tank. They ensure that water is completely shut off at full tank capacity, when the lever is at ninety degrees to the valve.

Check valve – they allow water flow in one direction only. They can either work for inlet or outlet of water only. Thus, they are also referred to as back flow valves when they stop water flowing back to the system. They are typically used for tanks.

Pressure reducing valve – sometimes, water coming in the house from the Municipality can have a pressure too high that it may not be ideal for home system. Pressure reducing valves work to reduce the pressure levels in such situations. These valves do not shut off supply, but rather reduce the pressure.

Fixture shut off valve – used to control or regulate water flow commonly on fixtures. They are small valves which can either be straight or at a 90 degree angle (angle valve).

Butterfly valves – mostly used for industrial applications, they reduce the pressure of water flow.