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Toilet Repair Plumber Randburg, call 081 043 2004 for a plumber in Randburg. We offer quality service at affordable rates.

Toilet Repair Plumber Randburg – Specialists In All Toilet Issues

We provide quality plumbers in Randburg for any type of repairs and maintenance of your plumbing systems. Our plumber repairs and maintenance service is second to none. We repair leaking toilets and leaking faucets, leaking geysers and leaking pipes.

We deal with all types of blockages to any drain system, whether a kitchen drain or a bathroom drain. Plumbing in Randburg has never been this accessible to residents. Our plumbers do drain unblocking to very satisfactory standards, you will not worry any more after we clean your drains. If you need us to replace your old pipes, we are just a phone call away. We have done a lot of replacement of galvanized pipes with copper pipes for instance.

Randburg plumbing services takes care of all manner of faulty valves, you can be confident that you will get the proper service. From shut off valves to water regulation valves, one way valves and industrial butterfly valves.

We also cover toilets and bathroom plumbing maintenance.


Geyser repairs: Electric, Gas and Solar Geyser

Our plumbing maintenance service includes repair of faulty geysers. Geysers should be able to perform as designed, able to satisfy the tenant within acceptable energy consumption levels. We install new geysers and replace burst geysers in Randburg.

We lay out pipes for new plumbing systems. Water supply and water disposal systems for your residential and commercial properties. Both hot water and cold water systems, we cover them all.


Affordability and Quality

Let the professional plumbers take care of any unpleasant situation plumbing wise.

You can call us for any of the following services

borehole pump installation and repair services

drainage pump installation and repair services

construction plumbing

geyser heat pump installation 

general plumbing