Geyser Repairs

Geyser Repairs in Gauteng. Restore your geyser, use the best geyser specialist at low cost, call us today!!

Avoid water damage and protect your roof by seeking urgent help for burst geysers. We can replace your burst geyser in a short time.

Your local geyser repair specialist will mend your water heater and fix any faulty part. We repair geysers of all sizes, brands and models. Our services ensure that geyser repair and maintenance work is affordable. We use genuine parts from known suppliers.

geyser repairs
Burst geyser needs replacement

Water Leaks and Geyser Repairs

Geyser Overflow – get your leaky geyser fixed in no time.

The geyser overflow pipe is made to allow excess water to slowly move out of your water heater system. However, if you notice that hot water is escaping, or steam, you should treat this a serious risk. In this case, switch off the geyser there and there and get emergency plumbing help. Hot water or steam from overflow pipe indicates overheating. In normal situation however, the overflow pipe will drip a few liters of water in a day as the geyser heats and cools. Here, we are talking about hot water or steam escaping, that is a sign of an underlying problem.

Normally, a faulty thermostat or pressure valve can be the root cause of this problem.

Geyser Thermostat and Pressure Valve Repairs

We replace faulty geyser thermostats and failing pressure valves. As shown above, if a thermostat fails, it may cause a high risk situation which reveals itself as hot water or steam coming from the overflow pipe. Furthermore, a failing thermostat may result in no hot water coming from the water heater.

We replace faulty pressure valves after a thorough look. Moreover, our company is the best geyser services provider in terms of price and accurate fault finding. Additionally, we have a fast response time. Let us fix faulty geysers by replacing geyser parts that are worn out.


Geyser Plumbing and Electrical Issues Resolved

It does not matter if the cause of your geyser problem is a pure plumbing issue, or an electrical problem. We are the best geyser contractor to repair your water heater. Problems such as geyser tripping electricity are also common.

To replace geyser element  – similar to your geyser thermostat, a faulty water heater element will result in no hot water from geyser. An exhausted geyser element will not be able to deliver, that is, to heat up the water in the tank. However, a no hot water situation needs a plumbing and electrical approach. This is so because sometimes a faulty circuit breaker could be the source of problem.

Therefore we offer both plumbing and electrical solutions for water heating systems. Book  the best geyser repairs contractor in Gauteng.