Urgent Leaking Pipe Repairs

Leaking pipe repairs for home and commercial buildings, book or call for help

We offer emergency plumbing solutions to water leaks caused by various reasons

A plumbing leak or water leak may cause wastage of water and eventually cost more. Even slippery floors, flooded bathroom or a messy yard if the leaking pipe is a drain pipe outside house.

Any water leaks relating to these

geyser water leaks

leaky kitchen pipes

leaking washing machines, dish washers and fridges

drain pipes.


Avoid the Water Leaks If Possible

In most cases, it is possible to prevent water leaks. If you pay attention to these and other factors you may give your water pipes longer life.

Replace washing machine hoses at least once in five years.

Regular dish washer and fridge checking, as you can easily miss a small water leak there.

Random pipe joint checks – the joint as may shift over time, or become weak due to a number of reasons. Early detection means fixing the water leak without loss of water or furniture damage.

Pipe blockages – do not ignore pipe clogs, if you notice water is not flowing fast enough, get this resolved as it may cause pressure in the system and result in leaks.

Galvanized pipes – if you have these pipes, do not leave a portion of the system unused for very long times, as this may result in rust blocks. These may compromise your pipes and cause leaks or total blocks.

For renovations – it is better to run a scan for underground facilities before you start digging

Get Professional Plumbers For Leaking Pipe Repairs

We fix leaking pipe at joints by applying sealant or repairing the joint itself.

Replace leaking plastic water pipe for water leaks under the sink, toilet drains and shower drains. Additionally we fix water leaks for irrigation plastic pipes or HPDE pipe.

As plumbers, we stop water leaks resulting from excessive pressure by adjusting to the correct pressure level for safe use.

Additionally, we fix leaks on garden taps, faucets, toilets and any other plumbing amenity.

Even if you notice water marks on the wall. Call us to repair pipe leaks within brick walls as well as under surface leaking pipes repairs.

We repair water leaks from all types of pipes including copper pipes, galvanized pipes, PVC pipes and more. Call us for burst pipes, whether from pipe corrosion or renovation activity.

Therefore, this means we solve leaks on hot water pipes, cold water pipes as well as leaking drain pipes. Most notably, for leaking water in the ceiling as this may cause costly ceiling damage and furniture damage.