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Plumbing Leak Fix Johannesburg, we fix all manner of water leakages from underground leaks, surface leaks, wall leaks and ceiling leaks, call 0810432004.

Whether you accidentally hit a pipe or you just woke up to find a wet garden, we can always assist with underground water leakages. Underground water leakages results in high water bills, as water supply lines have much higher pressure than water disposal lines. Therefore, the wise thing to do is to call a plumber as soon as you notice signs of underground water leakages.

Sometime, one may notice a greying of walls, maybe in the shower, above or below a kitchen mixer of another place a bit away from any faucet. Water tends to follow a path of easy access and hence can be misleading. Call a plumber to get assistance, call us for a permanent solution


Advice – Plumbing Leak Fix Johannesburg

Here are a few things to help identifying or minimizing the risk of plumbing leaks

We advise a regular check of all your exposed pipes in the house. The inspection may include looking at the pipes in your basement  and under sinks, or even checking the geyser in the ceiling. If you then happen to notice rust, buckling or drops of water, that is a red flag and an indication of some leak of sort

A leak may be at a position where pipes connects to the wall, in which case you’ll have to disassemble the drain work. In such cases you have top try and trace your  pipe in order to determine the actual position