Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

Sewage Ejector Pump Installation, call 0810432004 for installation of dirty water ejector pumps and clean water pumps in Gauteng.

We install ejector pumps for domestic as well as commercial use. This means you can call use for pumping water to drain or fill up an enclosed area. Our pump installers have the experience an know how to install long lasting ejector pumps. You might be considering emptying water from an area of interest, or just driving away water from a flooded location. In that case, we can help to drain the water and even direct it to a desirable location. Once in a while, it may be necessary to drain a swimming pool even. Call the pump installers for quick and reliable service.

Similarly, we install sewer pumps for effective drainage of septic tanks and similar. Let us help you direct the domestic effluent as well as domestic sewer waste to a more desirable location.


Submersible sewer ejector pump installation

Submersible sewer pump installation

Drainage or sewer pump installers ensure that this pump is  fully submersed in the water in order to draw in the water and pump it to a particular location. Therefore there should be sufficient water to completely cover the pump.

The submersible pumps allow for automatic pumping as soon as the sewerage reaches a certain level. Therefore is no need to constantly check the water level in order to start draining.

The pumps come in various sizes to suit different purposes