Toilet Repairs Johannesburg

Toilet Repairs Johannesburg, call 0810432004 if you need to replace toilets. We fix and repair parts. We have high quality full time plumbers to solve any toilet problem. Furthermore, we offer full plumbing services for home and business.

Toilet leaks

Leaks on pan connector – we can easily fix leaks on the pipe that links the toilet to the pipes taking out waste. This is also something that you can do by yourself. First, buy a wax seal from a hardware shop or a plumbing shop. Then, using a box cutter, you can clean out the old wax and replace it. However, if the leak is due to a crack on the pipe somewhere, we advice you call us to replace the pipe. This will include cutting off the pipe and putting in a new flexible one.

Other leaks

We fix any other leak on any toilet part. The answer is usually to replace seals, replace parts or simply tighten screws. Toilet repairs are usually cheap and so you do not have to hesitate to make a call.


Toilet Repairs Johannesburg

Toilet Repairs Johannesburg: The Parts

Flush Valve – a toilet part that acts to let water out of the tank into the bowl. A faulty flush valve may result in repeat water drips into bowl, or failure to flush.

Shut-off Valve – an important valve to allow you to close water supply to the toilet. This is especially useful when you have a leak. You will be able to isolate the toilet with no need to shut off water for the entire house. if this part is not in good working order, you will not be able to close off water.

Inlet Valve – the one that lets in water into the tank after you flush. It works also to stop water inflow once the tank is full. Similarly, a faulty inlet valve may result in water continually dripping into your bowl.

Cistern – the tank that holds water. Also the unit which houses the flushing unit.

Bowl – the bottom part of the toilet. This should be held firm to the ground. A loose toilet base may result in leaks. Additionally, the pan connector may move with around if the base is not secure, resulting in leaks on the connection.