Sandton Home Plumbing Services

Sandton Home Plumbing Services – affordable, quick and reliable plumbing services plumbing such as repairs, installations & maintenance. Call 0810432004

We provide all forms of plumbing services for residential purposes in Sandton and all over Gauteng.


Leaks – we repair leaking pipes of various material such as copper pipe leaks, galvanized pipe leaks and PVC pipe leakages.

Furthermore, we address other leakages on your faucets, toilet leaks and all supply and disposal line leakages

Call us to identify source of wall leaks as well as underground leakages

Geyser Fault findings and repairs – we repair faulty geysers and bring them back to normal operation

Heat Pump – we fix heat pump issues

Bathroom tubs, basins and toilet – all bathroom repair work that you may need

Replacement of old hot and cold water supply lines

Drain cleaning and unclogging – this includes sick and shower blockages, toilet and sewer blockages


Sandton Home Plumbing Installation Services

We also offer installation services of various plumbing equipment and facilities

Geyser Installation – we install new geysers and replace burst geysers of various types and models. We also work with various geyser types such as electric and gas geysers.

Installation of bathroom facilities – we install new bathroom facility during construction or renovation phase. Specifically, we install toilets, bathroom tubs, basins as well as shower cubicles. if you are thinking of renovating your bathroom, consider giving us a call for quality work at a reasonable price

Installation of heat pumps – we install heat pumps for domestic heating and cooling equipment such as geysers and swimming pools.

Installation of kitchen facilities – we install kitchen mixers, sinks, washing machine lines as well as dish washing machine lines, ice makers etc. We are effective in all forms of kitchen renovations

Installation of hot and cold water supply lines

Installation of drainage pipes