Kempton Park Home Plumbing Services

Kempton Park Home Plumbing Services done professionally. Call 0810432004 for all residential, office and commercial plumbing repairs and installations

We are your one stop plumbing and electrical services contractor in Kempton Park. Our service is top class and we do it at a reasonably cheap price.

Plumbing leakages – let us sort any plumbing leak issue that you may have. Our response time is quite good and we do all possible to make your life easy. For leakages we work with all types of pipe such as copper plumbing, galvanized pipes, poly copper, PVC and other plastic pipes. Do not hesitate to call us for any leakage be it an underground leak, wall leak or surface leakage. Other common leaks are:-

toilet leaks

sink and under sink leakages

geyser & roof leakages

cold and hot water supply leakages


Plumbing Installations for Kempton Park Home Plumbing

Do you require plumbing installation services for any facility in the home and office environment? We install and supply various plumbing items such as:-

Installation of new geysers and geyser replacement – all brands and geyser types

Kitchen facilities installations – mixers, sinks and taps

Bathroom facilities installations – complete bathroom installations, modifications and make overs

bath tubs, mixers, showers, toilets and basins

Installation of water pumps for borehole, sewer ejector pumps and water pumps for swimming pools

heat pump installations for high efficiency energy usage for facilities such as geysers and swimming pools


Quality Plumbing Services

Our plumbers have vast knowledge and experience in construction plumbing as well as maintenance plumbing. We always leave the client satisfied with our work, no leakages, no mess. Clean job done fast and professionally. Therefore call the trusted name for home plumbing in Kempton Park. Call 0810432004