Sandton Plumbing and Electrical Services

Sandton Plumbing and Electrical Services, all in one repairs, maintenance and installation services of plumbing and electrical nature, call 0810432004

It is usually the case that some plumbing utilities malfunction due to problems of an electrical nature. Similarly, one may suspect an electrical fault to be affecting plumbing utilities when in actual fact its the plumbing utility itself. Therefore, we have an all in one service of plumbing and electrical teams.

We offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes

Sandton Plumbing and Electrical Services – The Plumber Side

We do complete plumbing such as installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing facilities

Geyser Installation, repair and maintenance services – all geyser brands, types and sizes. Electrical, gas and solar geysers

Drainage line installations, blocked drain cleaning and maintenance

Kitchen and bathroom plumbing facilities installations, repairs and maintenance services. We do all home and office plumbing for facilities such as toilets, bathtubs, basins and showers

Cold and hot water lines installations, burst pipes and all forms of water leaks

Heat pumps maintenance, repairs and installations. For geyser, swimming pool and other commercial heat pump applications

Water ejector pumps for boreholes, swimming pools and irrigation

Copper plumbing services






Electrical Services in Sandton

We also offer complete electrical installation and maintenance services

Distribution Board (DB) fault findings and fixing – we fix electrical problems emanating from DB board issues

Complete wiring – we install new wiring systems for home and office applications during construction or renovations. We also do fault findings on existing wiring and fix

Water pumps electrical problems – we arrest electrical problems for water supply electrical points.

Repair of home and office appliances – electrical faults for stoves, ovens and fridges

Lights – installation of lights of various types and repair of such