Solar Geyser Installation Kempton Park

Solar Geyser Installation Kempton Park. Solar geyser is a fast growing technology in South Africa. Apart from the current challenges faced by the national power utility Eskom, there are many benefits for using solar technology.

We are a contractor specialized in the installation and maintenance of solar water heating solar systems. Call us on 0810432004 for solar geyser installation Kempton Park. We can install all types of systems, direct or indirect, split or close coupled system.

Get this technology for its multiple benefits such as energy efficiency saving up to 90% in terms of effectiveness. Other benefits include no chemical by products and therefore a very ideal green solution to the your home equipment and facilities.


How It Works – Solar Geyser Installation Kempton Park

Solar water geysers depend on the process of convection.

Convection Principle: Hotter fluids tend to float above its cooler counterpart in any enclosed container.  Therefore less dense material will settle at the bottom due to the force of gravity, thus heat is transferred

In reference to solar water heaters, convection occurs when the water stored in the panels heats up and rises into the water tank above. The hotter water in the tank then moves into the cylinder, usually located inside the house.

As the hot water goes to the tank, the cooler one flows downwards into the panels/collector. Depending on the systems, whether direct or indirect, a pump may be required to circulate the water to the abosrbers.

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