Solar Geyser Installation Randburg

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Solar water heaters are an economic way to generate hot water for domestic and commercial use. These solar geysers make use of the energy from the sun and convert it to heat. Solar water heating systems include Storage tanks and solar collectors (also known as solar panels) form the solar water heating system

We provide a service for the installation, repairs and maintenance of solar heating systems. Our installers are available for all types of solar geysers be it split systems or high pressure system

We also install gas geysers and electric geysers as well

Let us assist you save money by installing these cost cutting heating systems for your home or commercial property. Besides the costs, the system is also environmentally friendly since it derives energy from a most natural source.

Solar Geyser Installations Randburg – Installation By Type

We install split systems as well as high pressure solar geysers. You may want a stand alone geyser (direct geyser) or an indirect geyser (connected to another)

Direct solar geyser – water circulates through panels and gets heated in the process, before returning to the supply. It is not as effective as the indirect method, although it is cheaper to install

Indirect solar geyser – installation costs are higher but they are more effective even in very cold climate. The system employs a heat exchanger

The installation of solar geyser may vary in terms of the positioning of collectors themselves. If solar geysers are away from the absorbers, we refer to it as split system. In the split system, a pump enables the pumping of water from the collectors to the geysers, which may be on a roof or ground.

Close coupled high pressure solar geyser – the geyser tank sits outside on the roof above the panel and does not need any pumps electronics to operate