Solar Geyser Installation Sandton

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Solar geysers are an effective way of cutting down electricity costs for your home. No need to rely on the national power utility to get hot water for your household. Smart and environmentally friendly equipment for warming up water. Solar geysers make use of the sun to convert energy into heat.

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Solar Geyser Installation Sandton – Independence from National Power Supplier

Save between 50% – 90%  with installation of this solar technology. If you are thinking in terms of energy saving, this is one sure way that will not let you down. Our solar geyser installers in Sandton are very knowledgeable and have the experience to install all sizes and brands.

From split systems, high pressure direct and indirect systems.

Here are some benefits of employing this technology

  • cost savings – effective cost saving systems (up to 90%)
  • uses renewable energy – less dependency on fossil fuel
  • no chemical by products
  • not dependent on water quality
  • The weather-resistant tubes have the ability to withstand rough climate conditions

Our service is not only limited to Sandton, but rather we work all over Gauteng and surroundings towns. Furthermore, we install various types of geysers such as electric geysers and gas geysers

We install both the split pump system and the close couple pump system


Split and Close Coupled Pump Systems

Split Pumped System – A pump is necessary to pump and circulate water between the geyser and the absorbers. This is due to the fact that in this system, the solar geyser is placed lower and away the solar absorbers. They are placed at areas such as the ceiling or floor level

Close Coupled System – The entire system is joined together with the solar tanks placed outside on the roof and above the solar absorbers.

There is no need for a pump as the hot water naturally rises and automatically circulates between the solar geyser and solar absorber.