Solar Geyser Installation Krugersdorp


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Imagine being deprived of hot water because of load shedding? Consider the freedom of not having to depend on the national power supplier in order to have hot water. These and many other factors are driving most South African home owners to gravitate towards a solar powered environment. And this comes with financial benefits as well in the long run.

If you look further than the initial installation costs, you will agree that the solar system will save lots of money in the long run. Many household that are using solar water heating systems are glad that they have this system. A saving of up to 90% on energy consumption is possible. Therefore, solar water heating is a number one saver! It comes with environmental benefits as well.

The solar geyser system makes use of sunlight energy to convert and bring about hot water, without burning fossil fuel


Look No Further – Solar Geyser Installation Krugersdorp

We do it all. All types and all solar water heater systems we cover. We install, service and repair direct and indirect solar geysers. Whether you need a split or close coupled system, we do it all. You are at the right place, the right site and the right service provider. Our team has the experience and knowledge to service any brand and model, having been in practice for ten years plus.

Not only do we install and service solar powered geysers in Krugersdorp, but we also work on other energy source geysers. We maintain, service and repair other water heating systems such as gas geysers and electrical geysers. Just call us and we will attend to your needs.