Solar Geyser Installation Rooderpoort

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Here is why you need to install solar water heating systems

Solar geysers significantly bring down the cost of electricity. With the current issues with our national power utility, you can ensure hot water availability even during load shedding.

Although the initial installation costs are high, there is a huge long term benefit in savings of up to 90% in terms of electricity and energy usage

Solar water heating systems are becoming more and more popular in South Africa, as home owners seek independent solutions to Eskom issues.

Solar Geyser Installation Rooderpoort & The Environment

To be politically correct is something that is sometimes considered highly. However, to be environmentally correct is more than just a requirement by some governing body. It is supreme and where possibly, an environmentally friendly gadget or equipment is always welcome.

Here is one system for domestic water heating that leave no carbon footprint and requires no burning of fossil fuels. This is due to the fact that solar energy is as natural as it comes, and the solar system taps into this energy converting it to heat. Renewable and clean energy this is. A fine way to conserve the environment and hence well recommended especially to those who are environmental conscious

Furthermore, there is no need for massive electrical wiring. And the use of solar power extends to lights and other domestic appliances too

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Apart from solar geyser installations, we also install, service and maintain electric geysers and gas geysers. Our teams are dedicated to total service and to ensure hot water availability in homes and commercial places.

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