Electrical Tripping Fix Randburg

Electrical Tripping Fix Randburg, do not let electrical tripping bother you, call 0810432004 for emergency electricians to urgently address tripping

Tripping of circuit breakers is an indication of too much flow of electricity such that the circuit breaker can not handle.

A circuit breaker is a device that controls a power system by switching on and off where necessary. The switch can either be a manual or automatic operation. Therefore, circuit breakers serve a vital function of controlling and protecting the entire electrical system. That is to say the switches and appliances connecting to circuit breakers derive their protection from this system. However, in spite of the importance of the system to trip when danger looms, a constant tripping of electricity is a nuisance


Electrical tripping Fix Randburg – Causes And Solutions

When you face an electrical tripping problem, the underlying problem is not always an overload, as short circuits also result in tripping

Other problems may be ground based as well, hence it is necessary to call an electrician for fault finding and fixing

So in short you may be looking at on of three or a combination of these factors:-

  • short circuit or poor connections
  • overload
  • ground based problems

We address electrical tripping issues in and around Randburg, call us for assistance



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Installations, repairs and maintenance services

  • geyser Installations, repairs and maintenance of gas geysers, electric geyser and solar geysers
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Installations, repairs and maintenance services

  • Distribution Board (DB) fixing
  • power trips
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  • lights
  • generator installation (domestic and industrial)  – change over switch installations
  • home electrical appliances repairs (stoves, TVs, etc)