Solar Geyser Installation Pretoria

Solar Geyser Installation Pretoria, all types of solar geysers installed and repaired. We offer quality geyser services at a very good rate, call 0810432004 for a free quotation on installations or for assistance with any repairs and maintenance services.

Our technicians and plumbers have experience and knowledge in solar systems and geysers, we guarantee our work. Good workmanship and friendliness is what you get from our team of geyser experts. We operate in Pretoria, Johannesburg and towns surrounding Gauteng

Solar Geyser Installation Pretoria by Type

Various geyser types are on the market and depending on client needs and budget, we can advice on the type of geyser to install. Since we cover both electric and solar geyser, you can rely on our expert advice in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness for your specific requirements

For the solar geyser types in short, see list below

  • Flat Plate
  • Evacuated Tube
  • Retrofit
  • Thermosiphon
  • Direct Thermosiphon
  • Indirect Thermosiphon
  • Closed Coupled
  • Low Pressure

Closed Coupled System

Close coupled water heater systems – the evacuated tubes forming the collector for the solar geyser system and the solar geyser storage tank are closely located in this system

 The mounting of the solar geyser storage tank is directly above the collectors of the solar geyser system. It is often the case that the collectors installed on a roof.

Due to thermosiphon, a heat exchange is possible whereby hot water, which becomes less dense in comparison to cold water, rises by the solar geyser storage tank. Therefore, at any given time, cold water settles at the bottom while hotter water collects in the tank.

These solar water heater systems are passive systems as the water or heating fluid is not actively circulated (pumped) around the solar water heater system.