Geyser Installers Randburg

Geyser Installers Randburg. Get professional geyser installation and repair services in and around Randburg for a very reasonable rate – call 0810432004

Solar Geyser Installations – complete solar system and geyser installations done professionally. We maintain and install various types of solar geyser systems, high and low pressure systems

If you are not sure on the type of solar geyser installation suitable for you, we offer free advice. Book us freely for a visit by one of our technical staff for assessment.

Do you want to convert your electric geyser to allow switching from solar to electrical when necessary? Call the solar geyser gurus and get the system running. Save money by cutting down electrical costs

Electric geyser installations – we install various geyser brands and models, all geyser sizes. We do complete new installations whereby we install cold water supply lines as well as hot water lines from geysers to plumbing facilities. We also do replacement of burst geysers and leaking geysers

Replacement of parts – we replace parts that are finished or that have ceased working, such as elements and thermostats. We also do other smaller jobs that clients might find difficult to source technicians for, such as just adjusting the temperature on thermostat to save on electricilty





Competent Personnel – Geyser Installers Randburg

Our plumbers and electricians have vast experience and knowledge in the plumbing and electrical contracting business. We have a large skill set and personnel that has seen a lot of exposure in terms of heating equipment of different capacity, function and design.

Therefore, we ensure that we visit the site before quoting the client as a way of accurately guiding the client. We believe that with the quality we have, our plumbing and electrical service will ensure that clients get best service at affordable rates. Therefore, our plumbers and electricians take their time in accessing and diagnosis, with a view of addressing the problems in a cost effective way

Call us for fair pricing, accurate diagnosis and affordable geyser installation services in Randburg