Geyser Installers Sandton

Geyser installers Sandton. We install and repair electric as well as solar geysers in and around Sandton. Call 0810432004 for services you can afford and rely on.

We low cost solutions that work very well for geysers. Do you have problems with geyser not performing to the best ability? We have your back, let us fix the problem for you. Any of the these and other additional work needs:-

  • Geyser not getting electrical power – we trace and fix issues of electric nature on your water heater.
  • No hot water from geyser – we inspect and fix problems causing water not to heat up. We replace thermostats and element if need be
  • Geyser overflow – Too much water coming from pressure valve is not normal, so call us to fix the overflow problem.
  • Burst geyser – urgent need to replace burst geysers, we waste no time and do a full job that is fit for full time plumbers.
  •  Leaking pipes – fix of all manner of geyser water lines that are broken
  • Thermostat adjustments
  • Geyser timer adjustments
  • Replace galvanized pipes with copper pipes


geyser installers sandton

Geyser Installers Sandton – Various Positions for New Geyser Fitting

Outdoor geyser fitting

Fit in of new geysers in ducts at vertical positions – found mostly in housing complexes. This is a good way to manage space, property managers will be happy to have this. Moreover, the time to fit in is much less, and for that we charge a lower labour rate. Therefore you get additional benefit of lower rates for this type of fitting.

Geyser fitting on roofs – easy to maintain, this fit in is away from other home and office facilities. There is good space for contractors to maintain and service the device.

New fit in of geysers at an open space on a wall. This is another good for position for workers to do work such as to maintain and service device. Additionally, one may opt to built a cage around it to safe guard and isolate it

New Geyser Install inside the house

Geyser installed in ceiling – very common position of geysers. A good system to drain water will be put in place to direct water outside in case of burst geyser. Therefore, you need a plumber who is good for work in a confined space. Notably, this is a quality that our full time plumbers have.

So there many reasons to use us. First, a low cost of fitting. Then, a contractor that follows standard steps to make sure of 100% output. Moreover, our guys are friendly!