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Locate Your Shut Off Valve – Water Meter Installation Gauteng

Home owners and tenants will need to know where their shut off valve is at some point. Water meter installers will need to shut off the water supply during replacement or installation of meters.

Installing a water meter helps in knowing the amount of water usage at periodic intervals. Therefore, it is ideal that home owners install water meters especially for sub division property or shared water usage.

Meters do not reduce the water usage, but rather it lets you measure accurate usage and enable taking corrective measures. It is advisable for tenants and home owners to keep an eye on the monthly consumption figures and immediately identify sharp rises. it is part of our emergency plumbing services to react to such calls. Most often, sharp rises are a sign of water leakages in the pipes or some plumbing facilities.

Hence, knowing the location of shut off valves helps in times like these, whereby you can simply shut off the water as you await for a solution.

For municipal water meters, the complainant should call the municipality directly and they will assist.


Get Help Early

If you suspect a water leak, it is important to seek help early as each day spent could mean huge water bills at the end of the month. One of the easy ways to do a self assessment is to close the water supply valve slightly at night and record water meter reading. Make sure not to flush the toilets during that test period, as this will trigger movement on the meter. If notice that the reading has moved significantly then that is a sign of a leak somewhere.

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