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Blocked drains problem? We have the solution. We clean drains in and around Johannesburg and Pretoria

You may call us if you have any of these problems:

-blocked drain pipe on washing machine
-sewer drain pipe outside toilet that is not running
-shower drain that is not running
-sink drain not running.

We make use of the right tools for your situation.

We clean your drains at very good rates that you can afford. Furthermore, if you want us to take out old pipes and fit in new ones we also do that. Sometimes, it is necessary to replace your drain lines with new ones. This is especially true for old suburbs. Before PVC became popular for drain pipes, earthenware was the one in use.However, over it has its downside when you look at the strength. Earthenware breaks easily.Moreover, it is easy for roots to find their way in. Additionally, it is not easy to repair if a part leaks.

Full time plumbers to attend to drain blocks and plumbing maintenance

Our plumbers are full time on the job. We make sure that we clean your drain of roots, remove anything on the way. No drain is too much for us. Experience is what our team has, and we can not let you down. Good results are certain. We are drain busters! Call us for any blocked drains!! Additionally, you get these other benefits, friendly service, on time service. You even get cleaner space, because we subsequently clean after work.

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Blocked Drainages: Types of Blocked Drains in Residential Areas

Blocked drainages result from presents of solids in drainpipes that are not designed to be in the drainage system. Sometimes, even material intended for the drainage pipes may also cause a drain clog. For instance, although tissue paper is meant for toilets, it may block toilet pipes. That is why it...
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Blocked Drain Cleaner Sandton

Blocked Drain Cleaner Sandton, we solve all drain issues in a short space of time. Call 0810432004 for plumbing services in sandton. We make sure your drains run smoothly. Our plumbers in Sandton are always ready to attend to urgent plumbing requests. Moreover we use the best drain tools for top res...
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Blocked Drain Cleaner Randburg

Blocked drain cleaner Randburg, call  0810432004, call us for a full and thorough drain cleaner job. We do all sorts of plumbing in Randburg. Additionally, we also offer services such as urgent plumber services such as pipe leaks, burst pipes, faulty geysers, bathroom make overs and to fit new devi...
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Drain Unblocking Bryanston

Drain Unblocking Bryanston, click 0810432004 for a thorough cleaning of blocked drains. We also do other plumbing services such as faulty geysers, leakages and burst pipes. Let us clean the mess of a your drain blocks. We give a thorough cleaning job and we take out all material inside the drains. M...
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Blocked Drain Cleaner Rooderpoort

Blocked drain cleaner Rooderpoort 0810432004, available for all manner of plumbing in all Rooderpoort suburbs at affordable rates and in good time. We also offer a complete plumbing services. Burst geyser sandton - call us for all geyser repairs and geyser installations in Rooderpoort. If you requi...
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Blocked Drain Cleaner Kempton Park

Blocked Drain Cleaner Kempton Park, for all your plumbing in Kempton Park call 0810432004. Our service is quick, reliable and affordable. Let us deal with the mess of your blocked drains. Our plumbers in Kempton Park are readily available for your use Get a local plumber in Kempton Park for any plum...
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Blocked Drain Contractor Ekurhuleni

Blocked Drain Contractor Ekurhuleni on call available for any plumbing in Kempton Park. Call 0810432004 for a quick and reliable service, hassle free. We provide various plumbing services in Kempton Park and surrounding suburbs. A local plumber on call is ready to serve you anytime. Valve installati...
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Unblocking Drains Sandton

Unblocking Drains Sandton. Affordable rates, good quality job and available locally. Call us for a local plumber in Sandton We have plumbers in Sandton on stand by, ready to attend to your request. Our Sandton plumbing services caters for all types of plumbing from construction to repairs and renova...
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Blocked Drains Randburg

Blocked Drains Randburg, call 0810432004, call now for all plumbing services in Randburg. Drains, leaks,geysers,toilets,bathrooms and more Let our local pumbers in Randburg help you with all things plumbing. We offer various plumbing services such as home plumbing, copper plumbing and construction p...
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