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Geyser service. We do electric, solar as well as gas geysers

You may call for geyser repairs and and new geyser fit in

Electric geysers

Most South Africans use electric geysers. They come with a thermostat to control the times when the unit should get energy. As a user, you can set the temperature you wish to maintain. The thermostat will kick in if the temperature drops below the set value, and cut off once it gets to the set value.

Although there is a thermostat to limit the power use, this is not enough. In a day, the thermostat will kick in and cut off a number of times. Especially when you look at the fact that one person showers, temperature drops. As such, other additional devices will help to curb the use of electricity. These include a blanket wrap and a timer switch.

Components for electric geysers

Vacuum breakers -anti siphoning parts

Drip Tray -Collects water and takes it outside

Temperature/Pressure Valve (T/P Valve) – it opens whenever temperature or pressure reaches unwanted levels.Then after that, allows water to vent. Further to that it  also allows cold water in when the pressure gets too high.

Pressure Control Valve – to match and balance the pressure from hot and cold water supply to baths, showers, and basins

Gas Geysers

They heat water at a very fast rate, and only does so during use. The gas is not consumed when the water is not in use

Solar Geysers

Uses solar to power the geyser

Our plumbing services in Johannesburg deals with a wide range of geysers. We service, repair and install electric geysers, gas geysers and solar geysers.


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