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Electric geyser

This type of geyser generates heat by converting electrical energy into heat by means of a heating element. The heating element raises the water temperature by conduction of the heat to the water. A thermostat is inserted in the element controls and regulates the temperature of the water to a desired amount. Electric geysers are the most popular in South Africa

Gas Geyser 

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the source of energy for the purpose of heating. A continuous flow of hot water is available on this geyser type. The heating of water is immediate. However, they are have a lower power efficiency than the electric geysers. They recover quickly though.

Solar Geyser

Environmentally friendly geysers. The source of energy is sunlight and there is no unwanted by product. They can either work direct or indirectly.

Indirect – water heating is not direct, but rather another heat transfer fluid is heated first, such as an antifreeze. The water then gets heat from the anti freeze.

Direct – Water moves through the solar collector and into a geyser with the help of electrical pumps and controls

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