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Plumber services in  Johannesburg and Pretoria. Call us or book for fast plumbing services that you can also rely on.

Plumbing Installations

We fit in new plumbing facilities for homes and business.

Geysers – if you need a new geyser or you want to replace a burst geyser, we are the contractor to call.  We follow the full steps to make sure that your geyser is 100% working as per design. Moreover, our fees are very good and you are sure to afford us.

plumbing services
Vertical geyser installation

Bathroom Installations – new bathrooms or make over bathrooms. We do them all.

Underground drainage systems/French drains . Further, even if you are having problems with below ground water drainage, we have the solution

Sewer line – we fit in new pipes and replace drain pipes

Faucets and garden taps – we fit in all kinds of taps and faucets

Even cold and hot water lines – for cold water supply and hot water lines call us for quick solutions that last long

In addition, we install water pumps such as borehole pumps and sewer pumps.

Further to new installations, we also do repairs and even servicing of plumbing facilities. Our plumber services come second to none.

Plumbing Repairs

Faulty geyser fixing – we repair faulty geysers and replace geysers such as burst geysers and leaking geysers

Similarly, we fix leaky or burst pipes – we solve all plumbing leaks

Even leaky toilets and faulty flushing units – we repair, service and fit in new toilets

Additionally, if your sewer lines block we are there for you. Our plumbers will clean your kitchen and toilet drains nice and easy

We offer the following plumbers services

  • On call plumbers service
  • Urgent plumber service
  • Bookings

We have full time plumbers for many plumbing services.

Call us for hassle free plumbing solutions.

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