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Plumbing and Electrical Services for homes . We solve common problems for home plumbing and home electrical systems. Furthermore we solve problems for business too, relating both plumber and electrician.

Here is what we can do for you home and office plumbing

Fix faucet leaks – a common issue with homes and offices.

Sink drain running slow or fully blocked – we clean sink as well as sewer drains. To add to that, we also do shower drains and baths.

Fix toilet problems – we resolve problems such as leaking toilets, toilets not flushing or water running all day long. Furthermore, we replace seals and water inlet units that are not in good working order.

Faulty geysers – replace parts and even install new geysers

If you have low water pressure on faucets, showers etc, we resolve them.

Any pipe leaks – call us to fix any water pipes that are leaking. We can additionally replace old pipes with copper pipes or any other quality pipe.

Here is what we can do for you home and office electrical service.

Additionally, we can fix the following electrical problems

Electrical short circuits – we trace lights and find out the cause for short circuits.

Fixing issues that cause unusual high electrical bills.

Call us if you have a circuit overload.

Wall switch issues, light switches and any wall plug issue.

Domestic appliance repairs and new fit ins.

Back up generator installs with change over switch.

Cost saving LED light fittings.

Repeat electrical trips.

Moreover, our rates are quite fair and especially our contract rates for business clients.

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