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Toilet Repairs and Installations, we fit in new toilets and replace faulty parts such as seals, flushing units, water inlet parts & fixing toilet leaks

New Toilet Fit – we can assist you bring out the look you want on your toilet. A new toilet fit that will fit well with the rest of the bathroom fittings.

Moreover, we also do toilets for new buildings and assist you with the overall design in terms of where to put what. Therefore, whether you are doing a make over or building from scratch, we are there for you.

Toilet Repairs

If you are having problems such as an overflow on your toilet, then you need to replace some parts or seals. Some of the common problems that we fix on a toilet are on the list below:

We fix leaky toilet flapper
Fixing a toilet base ringer leak
We repair toilet tank gasket – simple solution that is both cheap and fast to do. If a worn out gasket is the problem, then you will not spend much.
Additionally, if your toilet tank leaks into bowl and not into flapper, we have the solution

Other solutions include to fix seal leaks, base ring leaks and valve leaks.Further we repair toilet tank fill valve – the one that lets in water once the tank is empty after flushing. Sometimes, you may find out that water may continue to fill in without stopping. Consequently, this will result in the excess water dripping into the bowl all day long.

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