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Geyser heat pump installation and repairs services, call the expert plumbers to install one for your geyser or swimming pool. Our heat pump installers have the knowledge and expertise to install the device that will save you thousands of Rands in energy consumption.

Here are some benefits of employing a heat pump for your domestic hot water systems. Benefits includes costs effectiveness and green environment.

  • High energy efficient – save money by cutting down on power consumption, guaranteed results in energy efficiency!!!!
  • ┬áHot water is available through out the day
  • Works with any size and capacity of geyser
  • Very safe and simple to install
  • Low or no cost of maintenance, a huge long term saving
  • Fast recovery and first hour hot water availability
  • Environmentally friendly – small carbon foot print

The Concept: Geyser Heat Pump Installation and Repairs

The geyser heat pump cycle is easy to understand, especially if you know about the air conditioning cooling concept. Just like air conditioners, which operate by means of absorbing heat from surrounding air and “throwing” the heat outside. Similarly, heat pumps also absorb heat from surrounding air and makes use of this heat to heat up your geyser or swimming pool

Here is a brief summary of how the heat pump works (heat pumps can be used for heating or cooling)

  1. A fan passes ambient over an evaporator, which contains a refrigerant. The ambient air temperature cases the refrigerant to boil at low temperatures
  2. The vapor is directed to an electric compressor, which increases pressure and temperature of the gas, and passes the heat exchange unit
  3. As hot vapor passes the heat exchange unit, it heats up the water and and exit on an outlet
  4. Having lost heat, the vapor cools down and liquefies and goes back to the fan to re start the process,an ongoing cycle


Geyser Heat Pump Installation Package

Our expert plumbing and electrical services makes the installation very easy and cheaper

The package includes the following

  • electrical point installation
  • the heat pump unit and the LCD controller
  • tubing and electrical wiring
  • circulation pump

Call us today for a quotation. We provide geyser heat pump installation and repairs services at affordable rates


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