Geyser Installation Services

Geyser Installation Services in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

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Common Types of Geysers in South Africa that we install

Electric geyser

Electric geysers turn electrical energy into heat by means of a heating element. This element raises the water temperature by conduction of the heat to the water. There is a thermostat in the water heater tank to control the heat levels of the water. Electric geyser fittings are the most popular in South Africa. We make sure our plumbers follow standard steps to meet the full geyser installation requirements. No cutting corners. Obtain top benefits by engaging our service, we follow water heater installation guide to the smallest detail.

Electric geyser installation services
Rooftop geyser


Different Energy Source For Geyser Fitting

Gas Geyser 

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is the source of energy for the purpose of heating. A continuous flow of hot water is available on this geyser type. The heating of water is immediate. However, they are have a lower power efficiency than the electric geysers. They recover quickly though.

Solar Geyser

A solar geyser fitting is a friend to nature. The source of energy is sunlight and there is no unwanted by-product. They can either work direct or indirectly.

Indirect – water heating is not direct, but rather another heat transfer fluid is heated first, such as an antifreeze. The water then gets heat from the anti freeze.

Direct – Water moves through the solar collector and into a geyser with the help of electrical pumps and controls


Geyser Capacity

Installation of 100 liter geysers – two people in a small flat can be covered by a 100 liter geyser installation.

Fitting 150 liter geysers – a family of three can do with installing a 150 liter geyser.

Installing a 200 liter geyser can cover a family of four.

250 liter geyser installation – can cover 5 or more people.

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Geyser Installation Prices

Geyser installation prices begin from R6800, to supply and install a geyser. This applies to a geyser replacement, where pipes are already in place. The cost of geyser installation may vary slightly depending on a few other facts, such as position of geyser. A geyser fitting done on an open area, such as wall mount geyser installation, is easier and therefore cheaper. The geyser capacity is also a deciding fact. There is a small increment of price according to size from 1oo liter geyser to 150 liter geyser. However, 200 liter geyser prices and above have a significantly higher prices.

A standard geyser installation kit does not come with any pipes, therefore a completely new installation will cost more. In such a case, the total length of copper pipes will determine the final price of fitting a geyser. Furthermore, a geyser drip tray is also needed together with PVC drain pipe.


Geyser Positions and Geyser Sizes

Geysers can either be installed horizontally or vertically.

Vertical geysers are usually wall mounted geysers, and can be outside the house in a duct, on the wall or inside a building such as garage wall. The installation requirements and standards are the same as far as , relative vacuum breaker needs, discharge pipes and drain cock needs. Our geyser installers can help you on choice of position to mount vertical geysers.

Vertical geyser installation
Wall mount vertical geyser

Horizontal geysers are more common, and can be inside ceilings, outside a building against a wall or on rooftops. Horizontal geysers  require a drip tray to protect ceilings from water damage. Our geyser installers have vast encounters with horizontal geysers.

Horizontal geyser installation
Rooftop geyser in a horizontal orientation, attached to a heat pump

Roof tops – A small housing unit is normally built at the roof tops, providing safe and secure location. Fitting electric geysers on rooftops is a good idea. Roof tops are good locations when it comes to ease of access and working space for repairs and service. It is also easy for drain pipes.

Ceilings – the most common geyser location in South Africa. It is also a good location in terms of housing the trays and drain pipe links. Ceilings are however confined spaces and the plumber should be at ease to work in confined spaces. Our plumbers are fit for geysers installs in a ceiling.

Cupboards – some sectional title houses use cupboards as a storage space for geysers. However, this might present challenges related to the trays. In fact, a closer look at geyser installation guide will show that this location may present problems. Especially when it comes to dealing with leaking or burst geysers.


Pipes For Geyser Installation Services

Copper pipes for geyser fittings– copper tubes are more popular as a means to take water to and from a geyser. They do not get rust and are easy to work with.

Using Galvanized pipes to fit in geysers – less known these days. Therefore you find them more in old homes. The main negative is that they rust over time and will break or the rust can block water flow.

Plastic pipes for cold water supply to geyser – Only used to supply cold water to geysers.


FAQ About Geyser Installation Services

Which Geyser Orientation is Best? Horizontal geyser installation Vs Vertical geyser installation?

There is no special advantage over the other, except geyser fitting depends on the space available, or the chosen location.

How long do geysers last?

Most geysers come with a 5year warranty.

Which geyser brand is best?

Same year warranty, but some are more popular

Kwikot geyser

Heattech geyser

Franklin geyser

Builders warehouse geyser

Durathem geysers

How can I maintain my Geyser and Improve Lifespan?

Replace anode once in 2 years.

Drain out and clean geyser once in 2 years or yearly.

Set correct temperature, do not set too high over 65 degrees. Typically, 50 – 55 or 60 – 65 depending on season.

Maintain correct pressure.

How can I lower my geyser power usage?

Consider switching off and on at main distribution box. Although this might mean you will have to replace your circuit breaker earlier than usual.

Install a timer switch and a wrap a blanket on your geyser

Use cold water for dish washing, clothes washing and even brushing your teeth.