Geyser Installation Services

Geyser Installation Services in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Your number one geyser installer in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Call now for great geyser services, we supply and install all geyser brands.  We are a leaders among geyser installation companies in Gauteng. Top client focus. Well trained plumbers. Extremely affordable installation costs. Book us now and obtain the most value of your money!

Common Types of Geysers in South Africa that we install

Electric geyser

Electric geysers turn electrical energy into heat by means of a heating element. This element raises the water temperature by conduction of the heat to the water. There is a thermostat in the water heater tank to control the heat levels of the water. Electric geyser fittings are the most popular in South Africa. We make sure our plumbers follow standard steps to meet the full geyser installation requirements. No cutting corners. Obtain top benefits by engaging our service, we follow proper water heater installation guide to the smallest detail.

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