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Home Plumbers to install a Toilet in Johannesburg and Pretoria

Plumbers to install a toilet in Gauteng. Call or fill in contact form and we will get in touch.
We fit in all types of toilets for home and business space.
If you are planning to fit in a toilet on a new building or to replace an old toilet with a new toilet, you can get help from us.
Once we know our budget and choice of toilet or assembly type, we make it easy and cheap for you to add a toilet to your bathroom.
We are able to install toilets across all Gauteng towns and suburbs, as we have toilet plumbers present in different areas of Johannesburg and Pretoria
If you are searching the market for a toilet, we can assist you with the information that will help you make the most of your space and money. Here are a few options that one may find useful to look at for toilet installations.

Options in the market if you ned to install a Toilet

You may choose a toilet depending on how the assembly will look, budget, and flushing style.

First, toilet types by flushing system

Dual flush toilet – give the user the power to choose the amount of water to flush. It has two buttons one for less water and another for more water. Some use handles instead.
Double cyclone flush
Pressure assisted toilets
No touch flush toilets – can be very useful in fighting against illness that can spread via touching, such as the covid 19 virus.
Up-flush toilets

Then, toilet types by way of assembly

Two-piece toilets
One-piece toilet
Back to wall toilets
Wall hung toilets
High level toilets
Low level toilets

Our Toilet Installers are Ready for toilet fitting

Full time toilet plumbers with the right tools and experience in fitting a toilet will give you top results. Good toilet plumber ensures appealing finishes, and quality fit.
You do not have to worry about leaks, the new toilet installed will be run and testes several times for leaks and efficiency.
Additionally, you get a good toilet fit that complements your space and done in a neat way that hides all construction markings from view. Moreover, you are certain to get quality at reasonable rate.
In fact, proper toilet fitting completes a bathroom remodel project and gives it the value that it needs.

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