Randburg Plumbing Services


Heat Pump Repairs and Maintenance Johannesburg

We provide heat pump repairs and maintenance services at affordable rates and done professionally. Call us on 0810432004 for quotes and services or book online. This energy saving technology will be of great help in reducing your energy consumption for geysers and swimming pools. Enjoy swimming in w...
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Toilet Repair Plumber Johannesburg

Toilet Repair Plumber Johannesburg, call 0810432004 for toilet replacements, toilet leaks, blocked toilets and new installations. Our plumbing services cater for various types of toilet issues. We repair broken toilets, unblock clogged toilets, fix toilet leakages and do new installations Continuous...
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Plumbing Leak Fix Johannesburg| Water Leaks Plumber

Plumbing Leak Fix Johannesburg, we fix all manner of water leakages from underground leaks, surface leaks, wall leaks and ceiling leaks, call 0810432004. Whether you accidentally hit a pipe or you just woke up to find a wet garden, we can always assist with underground water leakages. Underground wa...
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Sewage Ejector Pump Installation

Sewage Ejector Pump Installation, call 0810432004 for installation of dirty water ejector pumps and clean water pumps in Gauteng. We install ejector pumps for domestic as well as commercial use. This means you can call use for pumping water to drain or fill up an enclosed area. Our pump installers h...
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Home plumbing and electrical services

Home plumbing and electrical services, call us on 0810432004 for a combo service of electrical and plumbing service. Call our maintenance service now Our plumber scope is as wide as it can be. Our plumbers in the maintenance team do all sorts of plumbing services such as the ones listed below Geyser...
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Professional Plumber Services Randburg

Professional Plumber Services Randburg call  0810432004. Faulty geyser repairs and installations, blocked drains and drain cleaning, leakages, toilet issues & valves installations Our local plumbers will sort out your faulty geysers and do re installations if necessary. Let our local plumbers a...
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General Plumber Randburg

General plumber Randburg call 0810432004 for all plumbing in Gauteng. Faulty geyser repairs and re installations. Leaking pipes for all purposes be it hot or cold water, copper or galvanized or plastic. Blocked drains either domestic, commercial or industrial. Toilet leaks and faulty toilets. Valve ...
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Burst geyser in Randburg

Burst Geyser in Randburg - repairs and installations call 0810432004 . For all your geyser repairs and new installations. We have local plumbers available for all plumbing in Randburg. Leaking geyser connections - if you suspect that there is a leak on some pipe connections on your geyser, call us. ...
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Burst geyser Randburg

Burst geyser Randburg, for all geyser repairs and installations call 0810432004. We offer quick, reliable and affordable plumbing in Linden Let the plumbers with experience sort all issues for your geyser. We replace burst geyser and fix geysers that are not heating.  Your geyser should last the ap...
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Blocked drain cleaner Randburg

Blocked drain cleaner Randburg, call  0810432004, call us for a complete and thorough drain cleaning job. We do all sorts of plumbing in Randburg. In Randburg, we also offer services such as emergency plumber services for issues like pipe leakages, burst pipes, faulty geysers, bathroom renovations ...
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